Models requesting to join the agency: Email us your photos to
or upload your profiles on

We prefer that models start an account on; it is the easiest way for us to look at models. In addition while is a nationwide site, most of our members are located in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. It is a great way to network with local area models and photographers.

We visit daily and have found it the fastest and easiest way to find the models we want for our agency. Please remember that we are looking for serious models. The profile you submit is the first impression we have of you. Please fill out all necessary fields. Profiles that simply have photos uploaded without content hurt your chances. We see incomplete profiles as a reflection of how serious you are as a model.

Photos do not need to be professional, but take serious consideration to what you upload.

  • Do not upload photos that have messy background settings or photos taken by you holding the camera.
  • Racy photos will instantly disqualify you from joining our agency. We are a modeling agency specializing in commercial print.
  • Make sure the photos are in focus.
  • Include at least one head shot and one full body shot.

Please note that we will contact you if interested. We are looking for all types of models, male and females from all backgrounds. We accept models of all ages eighteen and over. In commercial print, clients are looking for all types of models to fill specific roles. Unlike submitting photos through email, if we don't take notice the first time you always have the opportunity to improve your profile. We may contact you later.

If we contact you for a job, or an interview we will always use an email address to contact you such as
Hip Models Chicago
Hip Models Chicago
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Hip Models recommends Daniel DuVerney to any model in need of professional photos for their portfolio and comp cards.

Please note that you do not need to get pictures taken by Daniel DuVerney to be part of this agency. We do suggest using his photos as a point of reference to the type of photos agents and clients deem to be marketable in the Chicago print market. Get as many lifestyle / commercial shots in your portfolio as possible. Agents and clients rather see those types of shots than high glamoured shots. Following this advice will increase your chances in receiving paid bookings with this agency or any other Chicago based agency.