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Do you need to hire a model to represent your company in print?

You do not need to buy bland commercial stock photos. Hire one of our models for a customized photo shoot to meet the needs of your company. We have photographers available as well.

Models are always escorted with either one of our photographers or an employee of the agency. We do not do racy photo shoots. Tasteful nightclub and DJ style ads are acceptable.

Models in our agency typically get hired to fill these type of roles
1) Customer Service Representatives
2) Employee Wearing Company Uniform
3) Customer

Clients have hired us because they needed models to
1) Appear On Their Company Website
2) Model for Print Advertisement (Newspaper Ad or Coupon Mailer)
3) Company Brochures

We operate in Illinois in Chicago and the suburbs of Chicago. We offer packages to meet the needs of your company, and our prices are reasonable. You can hire a photographer and one of our models for as little as $300.00.

For more information please contact info@hipmodels.com